GTG -7

Katherine entered the comfort station
and closed the door. It was clean and as
she rested on the door, she glanced at
her reflection.
All guard let loose. ‘Oh God… ‘was all she
managed before bursting into tears.
Can things just go on smoothly with her
as with others.
Kelvin waited patiently for him to begin
the conversation.
‘You know you can’t do this to me Mr
Sigismund, not after I have given my best
to this company. ‘ Patrick said with eyes
like that of a hungry puppy whose meal
had been kept high above reach.
‘An extra pinch of salt can spoil a good
meal and render it distasteful. I didn’t do
anything to you, you just added that extra
pinch of sand to your work over the
years. ‘ Kelvin explained rocking his chair.
‘She insulted me! ‘ He blurted.
‘Action and reaction are equal and
opposite. No sane being will insult his or
boss just like that. let’s be realistic, what
you did was wrong. It is an act of
immaturity and punishable in my book.’
‘But …’ He began incoherently.
Kelvin stood. ‘Your service so far is highly
appreciated. You may see the admin
director now.’ He said with a note of
Patrick left the office as tears welled his
eyes, what was he going to tell his family?
Where was he going to start from? Where
was he going to start from after loosing
employment in one of the best
employees friendliest in the country.
He should have know the most beautiful
ones usually pose more problem, but
hers had nailed him. His wife was never
going to forgive him if he got wind of the
Kelvin settled in his seat and called
Precious to know of her welfare but she
hadn’t been able to get through to her.
‘Come on Katherine, I don’t see the part
of a cleaner, is that a surprise? ‘ Kelvin
asked and dropped the company
customized fountain pen he had been
holding on the closed file before him.
She looked at him for a long while before
she replied. ‘No.’
‘Every child always have a dream one
time or the other of being somebody in
life and there is a point of realization. I
think that should be happening to you.’
He wheeled his chair close to the desk
and studied her expression. ‘Don’t tell
me it was to be a cleaner. ‘
‘It wasn’t and I had a dream.’ She replied
Strange, was the word on his mind. He
could hardly read from her facial display
nor voice since It’s intensity and
amplitude remained. ‘What happened? ‘
‘I have to turn down that question, Why?
No comment and am sorry Sir. ‘ She said
He looked at her for a very long time
This was the first genuine care she was
getting and she refused to be carried
away instead she braced for what was
When she was about to begin reciting in
her mind the states of the country and
their capital to pass time, he spoke. ‘Since
we agreed there is no part of a cleaner in
you. I came up with something. ‘ He
pressed a button on a phone on the
table. ‘Precious come in with it.’ He
looked at her and smiled. ‘Sometimes,
problem and disappointment usually turn
to be blessing in disguise. ‘
Katherine agreed but didn’t believe it
A knock at the door and Precious came
She looked from the DG to his secretary
who held an envelope.
‘Give it to her.’ He instructed his
She obeyed.
‘Open it.’ He told her.
Her heart beat quickened as she opened
the letter.
‘Letter of appointment as a secretary. ‘
She muttered after thirty seconds with
eyes still on the paper.
They both nodded when she eventually
looked up. ‘What have I done to deserve
this? ‘ She asked surprised and directed
her gaze to the director.
‘Saying no to what is worth saying no to,
that brought you to my notice in the first
place. ‘ He told her. ‘You may not
understand the impact of your decision to
stand out will have on this company but
you’ve saved it, in a way . ‘ Kelvin told
her. ‘For me and what have seen of you,
you’re able or to elaborate it well, well
able to be a secretary. You will be
learning from Precious, she is one of the
‘Thank you Sir.’ Precious beamed.
‘You’re going to work hand in hand.with
her for the main time. ‘ Kelvin
Katherine closed her eyes momentarily
and swallowed hard. ‘This is a surprise
that …that… ‘ She looked at him.
He saw pain, repressed pain in her eyes.
‘This is unexpected and considering the
level of transit. ‘ She chuckled and
bobbed her head from side to side. ‘I
don’t know to express my appreciation,
thank you so much Sir but I will be
pleased to know the price I have to pay. ‘
‘That’s brilliant Katherine, don’t prove me
wrong by being diligent and faithful. ‘
She nodded her head thoughtfully. ‘Sir,
can Precious please excuse us?’
‘Thank you Precious. ‘
She excused them.
‘Diligence and faithfulness, Yes but I want
to know the main price I have to pay.’
Her eyes didn’t leave his.
He met her gaze and for a moment, he
was lost and then he blinked thoughtfully.
It dawned on him and he almost burst
out laughing. ‘I am a pot that chastise a
kettle for being black . I am giving you
this opportunity from the conviction I
have and the sincerity of my heart. ‘
Silence prevailed as Katherine glanced
back at the letter. ‘I will take the post,
Thank you very much Sir.’ She knelt.
‘No …no …please stand already. ‘ He
stood. ‘Pick your uniform from the
clothing department, take the rest of the
week off and resume on Monday. ‘
‘Thank you.’ She gave a faint smile.
Kelvin nodded and she left.
He remained on his feet thoughtfully, he
had seen that lack of trust and pain in her
Precious rounded her desk to meet her.
‘Are you taking the job? ‘ She asked
She had never anyone so selfless. ‘Yes
Precious. ‘
‘Yes! ‘ Precious hugged her. She and her
boss had sat to decide the plan and she
was glad it worked. ‘I’ll shift my chair and
move Yours close so I could start feeling
you before Monday! ‘ She grinned.
Katherine smiled and took both hands in
hers. ‘You know what Precious? ‘
‘What? ‘ She was still smiling.
‘If you keep up with your behaviour, you
will go places.’
‘I know, Thanks. I am happy for you.’
‘Thank you.’
Precious quickly peeped at the lobby
leading to the DG’S office before taking
Katherine’s hand. ‘Let me see you off to
the elevator. ‘
Katherine knew she ought to be
swimming in happiness. For the love of
raspberries! How many cleaners were
turned secretaries? Not mere secretary
but to the very boss!
She shook her head nothing was going to
put the thrill in her. She had lost count of
the number of arms of flesh that had
failed her long time.
When she told the head cleaner, she had
given her all her blessings and added she
was going to miss her. She smiled in
remembrance. She had not seen the
assistant chief security officer, Mr Sayo
that had ushered into the waters of the
company. Hence, she hadn’t told him.
They had been the closest to her.
This appointment was baby steps to what
she aspired to achieve. She looked
forward to Monday as she gathered the
mass of her jet black into the hair net.
She sat up on the bed and brought her
Bible close.
All she wanted was God’s will. She was
going to pray for her DG so things don’t
get sour and for grace in her new place of
assignment .
She closed her eyes and searched her
mind for the best worship song.

Aisha hit the brass knocker. ‘Kafee, can I
come in? ‘
‘Yes mum.’ Kafayat made to grab tissue
to wipe her face but wasn’t fast enough.
Her mother entered and noticed the
tears. ‘Sweetheart …haba. ‘ She sat on
the bed. ‘What is wrong? ‘
She wiped her tears with her palms.
‘Nothing mum.’
‘How can you be crying and say nothing is
wrong. ‘ Worry creased her brows.
‘Do you know mum that …’ She sniffed.
‘Dad and I made plans for his birthday
celebration …that should have hold
today. ‘ She sobbed
Tears ran down Aisha’s face as she pulled
Kafayat close into an embrace. She had a
good cry at the early hours of the day
when she had woken up with the
knowledge and the immediate emptiness
that set in.


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