G T G -6

NOW THAT SHE had seen inside, she
couldn’t resist the urge to view the
magnificent building for the umptheeth
time from outside .
Indeed it looked more welcoming than
Now she knew the quality grew from floor
to floor.
It was nothing near what any nollywood
had featured.
Somehow she glanced up at the sky and
find it necessary to thank God for the
wisdom he had placed in man.
Then, she smiled as she remembered the
meeting with him. Who would have
thought she would be privileged to chat
with the boss, even made him laugh.
Some cleaners who had worked three
years had not been within metres of his
Katherine clutched her handbag and
walked the distance to where she would
board a bus home.
Basirat Yekini Adam was seated beside
her brother and her body rocked in silent
prayers as both eyes were shut. She was
the second daughter of Moshood.
Yerima had his head buried in his palms.
Kafayat Yekini, the last child of the family
sat beside her mother with head resting
on her shoulder, while her palm clinged
to a mother’s hand, partly comforting her.
She stared blankly as tears flowed silently
down her oblong pretty face. The
memory of Prince burial kept flashing in
her mind.
It was four days after Moshood was
admitted and only the day before, they
had been allowed to see him.
The sight they had met had made them
shocked and the hope they had clinged to
dashed into pieces. How could a strong
man who had served the country with
the better years of his life become so
pale and had to depend on medical
equipments and medications for survival
and major functions of the body.
They had been so engrossed in their
individual thoughts that had neither heard
nor see the doctors approach.
‘The Yekinis.’ The elderly doctor called
softly to draw attention.
They all snapped back to reality and
stood, their heartbeats quickening.
‘Doctor …’ Basirat began.
‘Calm down Mrs Adam.’ He had been
their family doctor for close to twenty five
‘You all saw Moshood yesterday, you saw
his condition, hence, I won’t select a
particular sex for the news.’ He glanced
at the younger doctor and at their faces.
A choking silence prevailed.
He allowed his eyes linger on Aisha and
she appeared to him like she had lost ten
kg within the past days.
‘I am sorry, we just lost him. ‘ He told
them solemnly. He had lost a friend too.
Kafayat screamed at the top of her voice
and was about to throw herself down
when her brother gripped her by the
upper arms and pinned her against the
Aisha shook her head too exhausted to do
anything physical. She lowered herself to
the floor and wept.
Basirat sat beside her mum and held as
tears trickled down her face.
Eventually Kafayat leaned into her
brother’s embrace and whispered. ‘Why
Prince and then daddy? ‘
‘I don’t know baby, I don’t know. ‘He
heaved deeply as his head began to
Kelvin left the comfort of the cushion in
the sitting wing of his office for the glass
window which gave him a view of the
artificial spring in the premises.
He thought of her, he hated it that he had
to use pronoun to refer to her instead of
her name, a name he should have asked
He didn’t blame Patrick for trying to woo
her for there was something remarkable
about her, but he blame him for him for
his unfaithfulness and overstepping his
boundary. How dare he try to molest her
in his company! To him his act was a
serious offense but he had decided to skip
confronting him. Taking a cue from what
his mother used to tell him and sisters
back then when they were younger.
“Pray dearie pray, that the spirit that
possess you to do that will not possess
you because then, your crime today might
be visited then.”
Kelvin smiled.
To the lady, so principled and intelligently
spoken, he couldn’t see the part of the
cleaner anywhere her no matter how hard
he tried. He narrowed his brows and
subconsciously touched a leaf of a potted
plant at the window.
She doesn’t appear like one, didn’t speak
like one neither did she act like one.
And she is so young ! He frowned, he
would probably be seven or eight years
older than she was. Making her age
mates with his yougest sister who was
doing so well for herself.
Why a cleaner? Why …? He sighed. He
knew then he wanted to see her again.
He tapped his index finger on his lips.
What was he going to say was his reason
and how was she going to feel when she
hears she was summoned once more,
someone who had escaped molestation.
How was going to start explaining to his
secretary who he wanted to see.
Would she answer all my questions? He
pondered. Was she now emotional
stable? Was she better now?
He turned away from the window and
touched forehead. How could he be so
worried about her? Was he alright?
He sighed before returning to the work
on his desk.
The bus sped along the newly constructed
She glanced at the older lady beside who
was engrossed with her mobile phone
with fixed nails painted red and then the
window of the hiace bus.
She thought of the incident of a few days
ago.What an embarrassing way to meet
someone who was highly placed,
someone she heard so much about but
hadn’t been fortunate to meet until that
fateful day.
She wasn’t embarrassed that he was her
Savior, she was surprised. Then she
smiled, now she could fathom the reason
why most women, married and single
were slashing themselves to get a glimpse
of his attention and they dressed
provocatively as much as they could
within their various dress code.
He was tall, handsome with blue
eyes,intelligent and accomodating, for she
had sensed that in his presence .
It was not all the DGs that would want a
cleaner in their office talk more of
He was young for his post but she was
sure he was good at it.
She had heard a member of staff
suggesting to her colleague that he might
be gay that was probably why he paid no
attention to them. To her, it was
impressive that he could ignore them but
she, Katherine was immune to all those
feminine flutterings.
She closed her eyes briefly as the breeze
from outside caressed her face shutting
her mind blank.
The shadow boy began calling bus stops.
It was barely nine am when the secretary
called requesting her to report herself to
the office.
Katherine entered the office bracing up
for the worst.
The secretary was filing her fingers.
‘You sent for me.’ Katherine said looking
at her, the lady never ceased to amaze
‘You.’ She looked at her, shoulders raised.
‘I just don’t know what you think you’re. ‘
She hissed and took a letter that was
already enveloped from her table. ‘The
AD asked me to give this to you.’ She
looked away.
‘Let me have it.’ A voice said firmly.
Katherine hand dropped instantly.
The secretary jumped to her feet.
Not again! Her mind screamed when she
turned. A frown etched her face, he had
no right over her letter.
He covered the distance and stood across
her. The secretary hurriedly left her table
to hand over the letter praying he had
not been standing there for long.
Katherine recovered and wondered at the
secretary uneasiness . She pursed her lips
still waiting for the worst.
Kelvin didn’t look at her. When he
sighted her and heard what the secretary
said, he was compelled to do what he did.
He unsealed the envelope and read, was
he surprised? Not at all.
The silence was just too much that she
wished for once she could read minds.
‘Yemisi. ‘ He handed over the letter.
‘Yes Sir.’ She collected it trembling.
‘Have this letter retyped but this time
address it Patrick, I am waiting to sign it.’
Yemisi blanched but recovered quickly.
‘But Sir …’
Kelvin face had a grimace. ‘Are you
question… ‘
‘Not at all Sir …not at all.’ She made to
kneel slightly before rounding her desk.
He sat, crossed his legs, took in the office
before he picked one of the magazine
meant for visitors . ‘Sit. ‘ It was then he
glanced at her.
Katherine didn’t trust the atmosphere,
neither did she trust his invitation. She
shook her head.
Kelvin didn’t say more as he focused on
the secretary. It was so easy to see her
discomfort. He had heard her comment
earlier, she was impolite and probably
had something going with her boss.
‘I am through Sir.’ Yemisi was on her feet.
Kelvin stood, removed a pen from the
inner pocket of his suit and tampered his
signature. ‘Have this letter photocopied
and handed to the admin director and the
other handed to the recipient without
explanation. I repeat without any
explanation. Do you understand Yemisi? ‘
‘Yes Sir.’ She affirmed against her wish.
‘He knows the normal protocol if he has
any objection. I am giving you ten
minutes to be done and get back to
Precious. ‘
‘Yes Sir.’ She set to work.
‘Come with me.’ He told her and head to
his private elevator.
Katherine had no other option but to
follow him but not without a final glance
at the secretary who looked like she
might burst into tears any minute.
Katherine took seat at his gesture.
Kelvin smiled. The long anticipated
opportunity had come and he wasn’t
going to repeat his mistake. ‘What is your
name? ‘
It was with great effort she didn’t glare at
him. How could he be asking of her name
when her fate was decided right before
her yet she remained in the dark. ‘You
told me the last time we spoke that you
don’t like suspense, then how come you
enjoy doing that.’ Her voice was calm.
She was past fear of expressing herself.
Such nerves but he love it! ‘Will you
please tell me your name first? ‘ He
requested with retained smile.
She exhaled and waited. ‘My name is my
name, I have a choice to decide whom I
tell it to.’ She met his gaze.
Kelvin shook his head with amusement
mixed with bewilderment . ‘Not even
promising, my God! ‘ Such nerves! Almost
every girl he met was always willing to
introduce herself without being led on
and the others he asked gave it to him
without hesitation.
One of the phones on the table rang ,
Kelvin pressed the receive button.
‘Sir, Yemisi is here to see you.’
‘Let her in.’
‘Yes sir. ‘
He glanced at his wristwatch and took a
mental note. ‘Come in.’ He said at the
knock on the door.
‘I have done as you’ve asked me to Sir. ‘
He nodded.
‘Excuse my leaving.’ She turned to leave.
He waited till her hand was on the door
knob. ‘Yemisi.’
She turned to look at him. ‘Yes Sir.’
‘You were a couple of minutes late. I
have been getting complains about you,
about you being rude and I witnessed an
episode not too long ago . Be very
careful. ‘ His voice was so calm, it could
be likened to a whisper.but the message
was clear as she flinched .
Katherine looked up and could have
‘I will Sir, Thank you. ‘ She left.
Kelvin handed her the letter.
She looked at him.
‘Go ahead. ‘ He focused on her face
hoping to read her facial reaction.
Katherine read the letter from beginning
to the end. ‘Was it necessary to return
fire to fire on my behalf? ‘ She
concentrated on folding back the letter.
‘Not on your behalf, I would have done
same for any member of staff in your
shoes. Patrick failed me and …’ The
phone rang.
‘Sir, sorry to interrupt but the Account
Director is here to see you.’
‘I forbid what you just did Precious. He
should wait ’cause am busy.’
‘I am very sorry Sir.’
‘That’s alright. ‘ He looked at her.
‘I was beginning to think you’re stalking
me. Thank you saving me once more but
how come?’ She lowered her gaze. ‘Do
forgive me for asking but I need to know.

He nodded. ‘Sometimes I feel obliged to
know what is happening in the company,
what my staff do in my absence, so I
breeze about unannounced.’
‘Same for today and the other day? ‘
‘Yes.’ He wondered what was going
through her mind.
She was overwhelmed, God was there
for: her. ‘Emmm …what do I say? ‘ She
was tongue tied lacking words to express
her gratitude.
‘Say your name. ‘ He stated simply.
‘My name …my name …’ She put up the
act playfully.
‘Please …’ He drawled.
‘Katherine Sylvester. ‘ She told him.
Katherine Sylvester. ‘ He almost sang.
‘What a coincidence! ‘
We share first letters of our names. ‘ He
beamed. ‘Do you want to know my
name? ‘
‘Who wouldn’t want to know the name of
his or her saviour. ‘ She answered
‘Kelvin Sigismund. ‘
‘How nice, the K and S.’ Katherine looked
at him ‘Thank you very much for
everything. God bless you Sir.’ She stood.
‘My Pastor said that is the best prayers
one can get from one’s fellow human.
God bless you too.’ He rounded the desk
and saw her off to the door. ‘I want to
talk to you more but Patrick is waiting. ‘
Katherine nodded.
‘I hope you will obliged me when I send
for you.’ He glanced at her face.
‘Like I have a choice. ‘ She chirped with a
‘Oh Thanks, Katherine. ‘ He chuckled.
She walked out and the secretary office
where the Patrick was waiting.
‘Thanks Precious. ‘ She acknowledged the
secretary and greeted the director .
He sprang to his feet. ‘I will deal with you
in such a way you will curse the day you
set foot into his company!’
Precious went wide eyed.
Katherine kept walking ignoring him.
He wasn’t going to Let her get away
easily. He quickened his steps and pulled
her arm with a force that she swirl almost
loosing balance. ‘You a mere cleaner
challenging me, Oh …I swear, you will cry
blood. ‘
She met his gaze but said nothing aware
of his nail digging into her skin.
‘You good for nothing …!’
‘I beg your pardon Sir! ‘ Precious
interrupted sharply.
He raised a hand to slap her.
She was quick to see him as she pushed
him. ‘Don’t you dare, don’t dare place
your filthy hands on me, you shameless
man! ‘
He held her on both arms and shook her.
Katherine shook herself free with such a
force that surprised Patrick and slapped
‘What! ‘ He flinched as he held his cheek.
‘What is what ehen …is it by force? What
is the meaning of this toothless bull
display. Do your worst already. ‘ She met
his gaze.
‘What? Are you challenging me?’
‘What is what? ‘ Kelvin demanded
stepping into the office. ‘Patrick you’re
incorrigible! How dare you lay your hands
on her after molesting her!’
Patrick almost slumped in shock.
Precious was shocked for he had never
seen him so annoyed and more because
of the revelation.
She left for the elevator.
‘Right now, I don’t feel like hearing you
out, you just proved that you’re not man
enough. You better come along before I
change my mind. ‘ He left for his office.
Patrick followed after Precious had sized
him up with her eyes.
‘Put a call to Katherine, make sure she
speaks to you, confirm that she is okay. ‘
He said to his secretary via phone.
‘Okay Sir. ‘ She replied with a smile
because it was as if he just read her



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