G T G -4

The retired Air Marsha, Moshood Yekini
was seated in the room of his magnificent
mansion sipping soda and watching a
documentary on TV.
His wife came in extravagantly dressed in
a beautiful, black gown, she placed her
hand bag on a glass side table and her
fragrance of her Cologne over powered
the that of the air fresher.
‘Hmmmm …Welcome love. ‘
‘Thanks. ‘ She exhaled and kicked out her
shoes. ‘Anytime I attend their birthday
parties, just seeing my grand children
come together make me dance and
dance. ‘ She chuckled. ‘I even learnt new
dance steps. ‘ She demonstrated to him,
she swayed her hips to side, flex his legs
and swing it.
He went wide eyed before bursting into
She joined in the laughter before
slumping into a sofa. ‘My dear it was fun.’
‘Yerima is a chip off my shoulder. Brilliant,
handsome and tall. With the way he is
growing, he might be six foot before he is
twelve. ‘ He beamed.
‘Haba my husband! ‘ Her brows narrowed.
‘Did you see the look on his face when we
gave him his birthday present? ‘ She
almost giggled with excitement. ‘ Shock,
smile, laughter and then hugging. ‘
He had come back home earlier than his
wife, ‘I love his declaration the most, that
he was so proud and privileged to have us
as his grand parents. ‘ He took the
remote of the TV to change station. ‘Every
birthday celebration has become a huge
challenge. ‘
‘Yea. ‘ She removed her shawl and sat
back. ‘Wonderful sons-in-law, lovely
daughter -in-law, impressive four grand
kids. What more can I ask of …?’ She
paused thoughtfully. ‘and to think that
you would have spent all those beautiful
moments suffering somewhere…
mmmh.’ She shuddered.
‘Aishat! Aishat! Can you do me of favor
and stop reminding of that incident ?’ His
voice had rose in anger.
‘Forgive me my dear, forgive me. ‘ She
made to kneel.
‘I will eat now.’ He said flatly.
‘Yes dear. Titi! Titi …’ She called one of
the maids.

Shakirat Yekini Ayomide entered the
anteroom and rushed to the counter
almost straining her leg.
‘Nurse… my… ‘ She began breathlessly.
‘Darling. ‘ The voice approached her.
She hurried towards her husband with a
thudding heart and forehead beaded with
sweat. ‘What …what did you say actually
happened to my Prince?’
‘Darling please calm down …’ He used a
finger to massage his forehead. ‘I can’t
even explain this myself.’ Tobiloba
Ayomide raised a hand and dropped it.’
Shakirat glared at her husband as panic
surge through her.
Just then, Moshood and Aisha approached
them walking as fast as their feet could
carry them.
‘Tobi and shakirat, what happened to my
grandson? ‘ Aisha demanded.
They just looked at her.
The doctor walked towards them and they
directed their attention to him. His
expression was blank.
‘Doctor how is my boy faring? ‘ Moshood
spoke trying to read the doctor’s facial
One look at their faces and the doctor
decided it was not the right atmosphere
to brake the news.
‘Sirs, can we see in my office? ‘ He said
with a thin smile and led the way.
‘What happened Shaki? ‘ She adjusted the
shawl around her neck.
‘I don’t know …’ Her hands dropped from
her head and she shifted her weight from
one feet to the other. ‘I was in the board
meeting when I got a message from Tobi
that Prince had been rushed to the
hospital. I hurried down here …as fast I
could. I was actually asking for details
when you and daddy came. Oh God
please come to my aid.’ She raised both
hands frantically.
Moshood touched the arm of the young
doctor half way up the stairs, stopping
him . ‘We are not kids, tell us what is
wrong? ‘
‘You know our standard in this hospital,
we gave and did our best for him but he
appears he was brought in to be proven
clinically dead.’
‘No!!! ‘ Tobi screamed and bend over
using the rail to support himself.
That attracted the attention of the
women and they looked up just in time to
see Moshood lose balance and began
rolling down the stairs. He landed in
prone position motionless .
‘No!! ‘ Aisha screamed and ran to her
Shakira held the doctor. ‘Tell me what
happened to my son! Tell me! ‘She
demanded hotly as tears rolled down her
cheeks smearing her make up.
‘He is dead madam .’ He replied calmly.
Her hand froze and before she could
throw herself down, Tobi held her tightly.
‘Not my Prince! No! I refuse to believe it.
God Where are you …? No ! He kissed me
goodbye this morning. ‘ She shook her
head as tears left as eyes like a dam that just broke free.
‘Baby please …’ He bit his lower lips as
tears filled his eyes. He led her to a seat.
‘Baby please help me …please. ‘
Moshood had been raised to a stretcher
and was being wheeled to the emergency
Tobi helped his mother -in- law up and
led her to a seat . ‘Mum, calm down
please. Let me see how far with daddy. ‘
He wiped his face and the tears came
down immediately. He head the way they
had wheeled Moshood.
Shakira burst into tears and her whole
body shook.
Aisha embraced her as her head began
‘Mummy Why… Why? ‘ Shakirat


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