G T G- 3

cheque she had collected at the hiss and
the noisy chewing of bubble gum.
The secretary looked away drumming her
fixed nails painted red on the polished
This had been what she had to go through
for the past seven months. One day …
one of these days, she knew she would
ask the secretary to the Account director
if she suffers from drooling. She was
always chewing or munching.
She walked out to the corridor smartly
and heard the secretary hiss once more.
She also felt a pair of eyes was observing
her but she didn’t turn back .
Katherine had barely sat when the phone
rang. The head cleaner picked the CUG.
‘YES Sir …any problem …I go tell am.’ She
looked at Katherine as she pocketed the
phone. ‘Katherine the director for
account they call you.’
She went wide eyed, her heart skipping a
beat. ‘Wetin happen? ‘ It was an unusual
‘E no tell me my pickin, e just say make
you come now now. ‘ she replied before
turning to two ladies gisting at a corner.
‘Time never reach for una duty abi! Abi
una no sabi wetin agogo de talk! ‘ She told
them rebukingly and immediately hurried
to the store.
She removed her overall and hung it in
the changing room. She wondered what
was wrong, she was out of duty and she
wasn’t even in charge of the AD’s office.
She had to pass through that girl again!
She frowned.
Hey girlie, don’t put those kind of people
in mind because they will fulfil their
purpose of putting you down. All you
need do is to ignore and place your head
high up.
She smiled, the inner Katherine was on
duty.She pressed a button and soon the
elevator doors slide open.
Few minutes later,
Katherine walked past the secretary.
‘Heys! Heys! Where do you think you’re
going to? Heys! Heys! Are you deaf? ‘ The
secretary was on her feet dropping her
phone in the process.
Katherine turned looked at her sides
before placing a hand on her chest. ‘Are
you talking to me? ‘
‘No myself! ‘ She retorted.
‘I guess so too.’ She smiled sweetly.
‘Keep talking to yourself.’ She marched
off before she could think of a retort.
She stared at the departing figure mouth
agape. She recovered quickly, fuming.
Her boss had already informed her of her
coming yet she was filled with jealousy.

At his response, she opened the door and
Patrick Sunday removed his glasses and
gave a scrutinizing look from head to toe.
‘Katherine you look so beautiful, kind of a
mermaid just that you’re not light
skinned. Your dress Oh …’ He sat back in
his black big chair. ‘How can a cleaner
have such taste. You’re so different and
to think that all this is for me, hmmmm
…’ He smacked his lips. ‘I – am- the –
luckiest -man -alive! ‘ He practically sang.
‘Sit Katherine, what can I offer you.’
She had listened to him with a blank
expression, still at the door. ‘I don’t want
to sit and accept an offering. ‘ The respect
she had for him vanished. She had seen
him about five times from a distance. He
was almost same height with her or
probably an inch taller. Dark skinned,
allowed a trimmed moustache, kept a full
hair. He was plumb, late forties but
looked younger.
‘Hmmm… ‘ He smiled. ‘I know the
stuff, playing hard to get, so tell me
darling, how much do you need to sit? ‘
Katherine tilted her head to a side then
back but said nothing.
‘Look like everything is set around here
and all I need would is book reservation
in a hotel. ‘ He picked his mobile phone
and scrolled through.
She folded her arms and watched him.
‘Hello …this is …’
‘Mr Patrick …’
‘Pat please… ‘ He maintained his smile.
Like he hadn’t spoken, he went on. ‘Mr
Patrick Sunday, you’re wasting your time,
Why am I actually here? ‘ She move
forward and sat on a vinyl chair.
He ended the call and gave a short laugh.
‘You’re not trying to get me angered. ‘
‘Why am I actually here? ‘ She repeated
‘We have a conversation last time and I
asked you to think about what we
discussed …’ He decided it was best not
to get angry.
‘Discussion? I can’t remember. ‘ Her
brows darkened thoughtfully.
Patrick was taken aback at her
seriousness, she looked as serious as a
teen trying to aim at a bird to win the
love of a girl. ‘The hotel thing, continuous
money supply, promotion and a car. ‘ He
smile. ‘You thought about it, you
promised you would. ‘
‘I did not such thing.’ She smiled. ‘Ha-ah!
Now I remember but I didn’t think about
‘What do you mean.’ He was confused
and irritated.
‘I told you there was nothing to think
about. Before I left your office, I drop my
response and conversation here. So am
here, same conversation, same response,
my answer remains no.’
He shook his head. ‘I can’t believe this,
this is the first throw back am receiving. ‘
Katherine beamed. ‘Woah! ‘ She
applauded herself to his chagrin.
Patrick shook his head as if the inevitable
as happened. ‘Katherine you don’t know
what you are doing, you are throwing the
opportunity of a lifetime just likely that. ‘
‘I can’t make anything out of that. ‘ She
opened a palm and raised it expressingly.
‘I don’t care about that, I don’t care
about that, I don’t care if it is a pleasure
for life, an opportunity of a lifetime or an
enjoyment forever. I hope you
understand. ‘ She met his gaze.

‘You don’t understand my dear. ‘ Patrick
told her emphatically. ‘I have been
watching you for five months. I am
usually that patient. I observed you’re
unique. I know a unique and beautiful girl
when I see one even if she is in the
costume of a clown, the coverings of a
masquerade or the overall of a cleaner.
You’re sweet and is with great pleasure, I
am offering to take care of you. ‘ He
stood, turned to perch on his desk. ‘I like
you Kate, we spend a Saturday in a hotel
and do lot of interesting things. I promise
it will be an unforgettable day for you.’
Like a flash on a pan, he sat on the vinyl
chair beside her, pulled her wheeled chair
close and attempted to kiss her.
Katherine jolt to her feet like she
suddenly felt fire burning through her
buttocks. She stepped back maintaining a
distance .
‘Hey babe, easy.’ He laughed revealing a
set of newly white polished teeth. ‘I don’t
‘How long will I do this hotel thing?’ She
narrowed her brows in consideration.
‘It is an enjoyment we can afford
ourselves over and over again over time. ‘
He winked. ‘As your payback, you have
constant money supply, just ask and you
get it.’
‘Really? ‘ She gave him an encouraging
‘Yes baby girl, promotion and a car comes
paripassu. ‘
‘A car, for me.’ She placed a hand on her
chest dramatically. ‘Wow! but …but Sir,
your wife don’t have a car.’ She lowered
her full lashes.
He ran his fingers through his hair. ‘As …
as for my wife, I will buy for her when I
choose. For now you’re the one I am
willing to do things for.’
She had saw his wife on a couple of
occasion, the head cleaner had told her
who she was. She had observed her from
a distance.
Katherine sobered. ‘Is this what all the
cleaners must go through?’
‘I will be sincere with you, some of
them.’ He smiled, recovering quickly from
the ackward moment.
‘With all due respect Sir, if you do keep
your promises, some of the cleaner would
be driving cars. ‘ She shrugged.
He opened his mouth to protest but she
wasn’t through.
‘Spend that money and time with your
family. My answer once more is no.’ She
made for the door.
‘You are making the biggest mistake of
your cleaner life and I will make sure you
pay for it! ‘ He banged on the desk
Katherine turned around on a heel in a
dramatically with a grimace. ‘Hahaha!
That is a classic joke that can make me
laugh from my standing position to the
floor. Let me make this clear, I am not
afraid of Patrick Sunday, what he
represent and am not afraid of loosing my
job, with the look of things that is the
highest you can do.’
He blanched ‘You are jeopardizing with
you future and …’
‘Be still Patrick! ‘ She interrupted sharply
pointing an index finger. ‘Who are you
and what do you think you are to decide
my future. Arrrrg …’ She hissed irritated
and left the door ajar.
Patrick was stunned.
The look on Katherine face must have
been enough warning because the
secretary opened her mouth and closed
As she entered the elevator,something blared in her mind,
Was there an affair between them?
Oh poor her, she had been protecting her territory!
The answer came immediately.
She hissed once obviously  irritated.



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