LIKE SOME SAY when the elements of
weather especially rain becomes
unbearable, in their fustration or
expression, they go- it has been raining
cats, dogs, lions, tigers, elephant,
hippopotamus…. and what have you.
That has it has been for the past five
days, it was either drizzling or raining
heavily. Already posing hazard in riverine
and areas with poor drainage.
The sky was darkened in the early hours
of that morning needing no forecaster to
tell it was going to come down in torrents
anytime soon. Despite it all, he came out
of the house and limped with great
difficulty out of the house. Anyone
watching from afar needed no soothsayer
to tell that he was a very sad man.
Just by window of the house stood his
daughter with a worried frown on her
beautiful face.
He raised his hands towards heaven and
cried out. ‘Oh God! I have trusted, served
and depended on you from my teen. So
many have happened that I don’t
understand and have questioned yet I’m
still in the dark, ‘ The breeze caressed his
lean frame and the water dripped down
his face. ‘You know everything that has
happened and how it tored me apart with
much bitterness. ‘He swallowed hard.
‘Many a times, I am driven to want to
fight back but I can’t go diabolical. When
I look at myself and think about my
daughter, my spirit fails. Lord! Lord
Almighty, the Creator of the universe, the
beginning and the end, your eyes are not
blind that you cannot see my situation,
your ears are not deaf that you cannot
hear my heart cry, your hands are not
short that you cannot reach out to the
world you created and do justice. ‘ He
slumped on his knees with tears trickling
down his wrinkled face. ‘I believe in your
words, in your promises -‘ He raised an
index finger. ‘You promised me that you
will fight for me and I shall hold my peace
…Lord, you said hand join in hand, the
wicked shall not go unpunished …you said
whatever we sow, that we shall reap …
you also said …Oh my father… ‘ His voice
trailed off and his body trembled. ‘You
said vengeance is yours, you will repay …’
Lightening flashed brightly and thunder
clapped. ‘Avenge by adversaries! Avenge
my adversaries! You are the hammer that
break the rock in pieces! ‘ His voice rose
as he mustered all the energy he could. ‘I
have made you my chief warrior, leash
out your judgment …this is the last of my
heart desire, this is my last demand, this
is my last request. ‘ His hands clenched
into fists and he shook emphatically.
‘God! this is my request! Prove to the
world that there is always a boomerang
effect on every evil done regardless of
the period. I know the arrow of ricochet
of cataclysm is bound to be fired! ‘The
lightening shone, illuminating the vicinity
powerfully for seconds, then the thunder
clapped so violently that his daughter
trembled slightly and covered both ears.
The sky had let loose and a pool had
formed around him. ‘For my dear child …’
His voice was calm and he placed both
palms together before him. ‘bless her
heart o Lord …look upon my little girl and
do to her as you will …do to her as you
will …’ He bowed and sobbed like a child,
his body shook convulsively in pain more
of the heart than body. ‘I can’t take this
pain anymore …’
She wanted to go out and help him up
but she had been suffering from cold, she
was sure her father would not appreciate
her coming out in the rain because there
was no money to treat her condition if it
got pretty worst.

He came out from his room clothed.
‘Honey, what are you doing? ‘
She closed the lid of the pot and
smiled.’Making breakfast for us, it will be
ready in five minutes. ‘ She turned,
covered the distance between them and
adjusted the collar of his T shirt.
‘Honey, you should have made for you
alone. ‘ His voice calm but sad.
‘Aw Daddy …’ she drawled disapprovingly.
‘even if we don’t have, we can manage
together. ‘
‘I love you dearie. ‘ He opened his arms
and she went in all in smiles for a hug.
‘You are the most wonderful child in the
world.’ He kissed her forehead. ‘Excuse
my going to bed.’
‘Of course daddy but for just five
minutes. Do you want me to come tuck
you? ‘
‘No honey, I will be fine all by myself,
take care.’ His face light up and the
resemblance they shared became
obvious. Same smile revealing a perfect
set of white teeth and gap tooth..’I love
She laughed infectiously. ‘I will daddy and
I love you so much. ‘
He turned and limped to the door to hide
his hurt expression. ‘Bless you my
princess, ‘ He whispered before leaving
with tears in his eyes.

She turned on the switch of the bulb.
‘Daddy …’ She drawled sweetly. ‘Food is
ready and this is something delicious.
Daddy, ten minutes is already gone, I
gave you a grace of five minutes.’ She
made a face knowing her discussion was
enough to wake her for he was a
conscious sleeper.
‘Daddy. ‘ She called and climbed the bed,
your meal is set. ‘ She tickled him and the
only response was her own laughter.
‘Come on dad, please stop this. ‘ She
tickled him once more at the side but
was met with the formal response.
She looked at his face with soberly. ‘You
know we have been through a lot, this is
not the kind of joke that should amuse
us.’ She waited and then her brows
creased to a frown.
She took his hand and dropped it, it just
dropped. Panick surged through her. She
placed a head on his chest to feel his
heart beat. ‘No …no …’ She dismissed the
sudden reality and became hysterical. She
positioned herself to his side and used all
the strength she could muster to do a
mouth to mouth breathing like she had
seen her elder brother do some years
She went on and on. Beads of sweat now
crowded her face and neck. ‘Jesus come
to my aid …’ She muttered and pant for
air. She exert pressure as many as she
could on his chest.
She touched his face and she felt a
strange coldness. Then it hit her like a
bolt from the blues. She place her face on
his chest and sobbed. ‘You know you
can’t do this …you can’t just …just leave
me …’ She glanced up as the ceiling. ‘Oh
God …how can you do this to me …?How
can you …? How can you render me so …’
Her tears flowed. ‘It’s unfair, you know it
is unfair! It’s unfair!!’ She screamed
soulfully, rolled off the bed and sat with
her back to the wall her legs
outstretched. She stared into space dazed
but her tears poured.
An image of the knife she had used for
the onions flashed back in her mind. She
shook her head, they would be
disappointed in her.
She wouldn’t see them, because she
would be going to a different place.
She was sixteen, she had a distasteful feel
of wind of fate.



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